The construction area of the Bridge is approximately 26000 square meters, it consists of seven unique buildings that encircled by green field and water features in the middle, constructing an overall environment that is natural, plain and tranquil. Apart from The Little Bridge in the campus, it provides a music hall, the marker space, library, theatre, cooking studio as well as indoor and outdoor stadiums. Each of the unique space is a touchstone which individually and collectively interweaves creation and thinking. For the architectural and interior design concepts, it builds up an interaction among people, space, and knowledge, while space will retain eternal memories.
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The Zen Studio

室内简约的灯轨与素雅不失活泼的天花板色块,除了为活动提供了利落的照明,也增添环境的多元性。280 平米的总面积使空间弹性非常高,能同时容纳 130 人。悟静间地处偏僻,从放松身心的瑜伽、需高度专注的肢体表演、或是不被打扰的音乐体验活动均适合在此进行,其亦可作为多功能活动/宴会使用。

The Zen Studio lies in the silent area of the Bridge campus that is elegant and tranquil for activities, which implies enlightenment and meditation. The space facing the street is designed with floor-to-ceiling windows, all the green plant can be seen through the windows and the scene change over different seasons. People can pursuit for inner peace by isolating the noise from the outside.

The interior plain light rails and the elegant ceiling provides lighting for activities and enhance the multiplicity of the environment. The total area of 280 square metres serves for a highly flexible space, which can accommodate 130 people. Zen studio is nestled at Quiet Zone which ensures the proper environment that you would not get disturbed when doing Yoga, performing arts course or receiving musical training events. It can also be used for multiple functions for events or banquet.

The Cooking Studio


Located in the southwest corner of the campus, the Bridge’s cooking studio possesses a vivid and stylish atmosphere. Upon entering the specialized classroom, visitors will likely first notice the fusion and contrasting of colors between the light grey floors and yellow-green kitchen counters whose design was inspired by the culinary arts.

Each cooking station within the studio is supplied with an advanced ventilation system and a variety of high-end kitchenware with standardized dimensions. Every day, daylight passes through the windows and reflects off the classroom’s dazzling array of exotic spices and colorful seasonal fruits and vegetables. Tempting aromas rise all around, instantly beckoning the taste buds to indulge. Regardless of one’s cooking ability, anyone who has a passion for cooking can come here to enjoy the tastes and aesthetics of cuisine.

Classes are instructed by top chefs from several five-star hotels and popular restaurants from around the city, and who can offer students secret recipes and professional cooking tips while guiding them through the world of culinary arts step by step. The classroom can accommodate up to 70 people.

The Library


Culture is the centripetal force of cities, and remains an indispensable element of the urban life experience. The Bridge library serves as the campus’ main cultural arena, where book lovers can come to immerse themselves in learning and journeys of self-discovery. Functioning as a gathering place for cultural imagination and wisdom, here people can share in the pleasure of reading, achieve intellectual breakthroughs and realize the ideals of a more aesthetically-inspired life. No matter how fast the pace of life in the city becomes, the cultural experiences offered here can help slow everything down.

Walking into the library, visitors will note the rustic wooden bookshelves are neatly arranged on both sides of the aisle, perfectly resonating with the tone of the library’s tranquil atmosphere. Interspersed among the bookshelves sits reading and self-study areas which can conveniently help readers become more immersed in the mysterious worlds found in their books, evaporating any frustrations from daily life in a flash. The combination of the library’ architecture and the vast books found in its halls, offers a fascinating and wonderful setting for every book lover. Events that require a tranquil atmosphere are highly recommended to be held here and the space can also be used for multi-purpose events and banquet area.




The Bridge campus was built alongside the river, with Jinke Road to the east, Haike Road to the south, and the Xianyang and Zhihui Rivers to the northwest. The outer portion of the campus also sits near many notable office buildings such as the Wison Building and is opposite to the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Novartis Shanghai Campus. In addition to the campus’ architecture and green spaces, the interior of campus offers brilliant views of the surrounding river and landscapes as they continuously change throughout the four seasons.

When entering the campus from Haike Road, the visitor’s eyes will first be captured by a small pond that has been built up from miniature waterfalls and cobblestone, symbolizing the spatial landscape of the Bridge campus itself. Here, the space and people become interconnected, seemingly to breathe together and jointly enjoy in the delight of sunshine.

The two sides of the pond are encircled by seven buildings/pieces of architecture which are fully integrated with the natural environment. The height of the first and fifth levels are arranged in a staggered manner creating a series of platforms perfect for discussing nature, life, art, and music. The campus also contains a large number of recreation and fitness facilities including basketball courts, soccer fields, and rock climbing walls, as well as swings and slides for children. Such facilities help Bridge not only satisfy visitors pursuit of knowledge, but also encourages them to relax their minds and bodies through the appreciation of nature.

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